Curtis Fry

I grew up on a farm in Iowa. My parents started Miracles Can Happen Boys Ranch in 1992 when I was 5 years old.  I really enjoyed growing up on the ranch because it was like I had multiple brothers.  Since this was a 24/7 ministry for my parents, the only family time that we had was while the boys were at school. So, my parents decided to home school my older brother and sister; Cory and Cassie and myself. I was home schooled until 8th grade and then began attending Wilton High School. For me it was not a big transition because I had been participating in sports with the Wilton community school district for a number of years. I excelled in wrestling through 7th grade and then hurt my back and couldn’t wrestle any more. In high school I played golf, football, and baseball. 

Outside of school I participated in Young Life; a group that got together once a week to hang out, sing, play games, and have a short lesson from the Bible.  I was also part of a small group that met weekly for Bible Study and I attended church with my family where I participated in youth group.  My faith was a very strong part of who I was.

After high school I got recruited by multiple colleges to play football. I decided to attend St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa. I had no idea what I wanted to study, but I really wanted to play football, so I thought that it would be a great opportunity and that I would eventually figure it out. I was very fortunate to be one of four freshman who got playing time on varsity and was pretty much guaranteed a starting spot the next season, however I couldn’t justify paying the money just to play football when I was getting nothing out of school, so I decided to move back home and start working full-time.

After moving back to Wilton I was asked to be a volunteer leader for the Young Life group that I went to in high school. I really enjoyed it; however I only helped for a short time because I moved to Texas to take a job at Still Creek Ranch; where my sister worked. I was a relief house parent for two of the boy’s houses and helped on the ranch wherever needed. Little did I know that this to would be a short stay. I moved back to Wilton, just three months after being in Texas to help my dad with his new dairy operation on the ranch. 

After moving back to Wilton I began helping with Young Life again and in July of 2007 I was given the opportunity to take nine high school boys out to Colorado to summer camp.  The week was amazing; I had so much fun, made so many memories, and it was the closest I ever felt to God. However, a couple months after I got back from that trip I was falling away from Him and was just going through the motions of being a Christian. I would go to church, do all the things a Christian would do, but I didn’t have a purpose for doing them.  I continued to fall further and further away from God which led to February 6th of 2008, my 21st birthday!  Two days after a night of celebrating, the way the world expects any 21 year old to celebrate, I was charged with 2nd Degree Murder.     

I am currently living in Des Moines, Iowa and running my own construction business; Fry Construction. I travel and speak whenever God gives me the opportunity.  On June 1, 2013 I married the most beautiful women I have ever met.  She is the one that is standing behind me and supporting me in everything that I do. We have been blessed with two beautiful children.